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The most economical LED lighting


We are a Czech manufacturer and supplier of energy saving LED lighting for businesses that often have lights on for a long time. Our lights save 2/3 of the electricity compared to the commonly used fluorescent and arc discharge lamp technologies.

We supply suspended industrial lighting, LED lamps, tubes, lamps, public and street lighting and LED light bulbs. We replace T8 and T5 tubes, 59 cm, 120 cm and 150cm fluorescent tubes, industrial lights and lamps, street lamps, lighting for production, storage, sports and industrial halls, underground garages, freezer boxes and outdoor lighting for grounds. We can also design and manufacture lights that are best fitted for your usage.

We professionally design lighting and calculate the overall savings for the estimated hours of operation free of charge. The return on investment usually ranges from four months to two years. Snaggi LED fittings can even be used for emergency lighting in the event of a power cut.

We only use top-class LED diodes from a renowned Japanese manufacturer with the best available efficiency and low light degradation. Mounting, manufacture of power sources and final assembly takes place in the Czech Republic.

Our experience goes back to 1995, therefore we can provide our clients with a guarantee of 3 to 5 years. We are holders of the ISO 9001 quality certificate in the field of development, design, manufacture, assembly, servicing and sales of lighting. We provide our customers with an exceptional level of support not just before buying the equipment, but also afterwards during operation.