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WAGO Lighting Management is becoming a trend in lighting management

A modern lighting control system - WAGO Lighting Management - was introduced on the Czech market, at the beginning of this year. This article describes an example of one of the already implemented app



LED lights after 3 years of operation snd their comparison

In 2009, we realized light replacement in the hospital in Novém Městě na Moravě, as the first LED light manufacturer in the Czech Republic. 3 years after successful operation we compared our LED light


There are differencies in LEDs

Color rendering and color fidelity is very importatnt attribute.


An example of return on investment

The example shows a typical implementation of production hall lighting. The intensity of the new LED lighting remains at the same level at a minimum. It is often more intensive than the previous one,


Lighting in tunnels and very dusty environments

We have developed a more compact version of the sCluster lamp designed for lighting in tunnels and very dusty environments.


ISO 9001 recertification

Snaggi, the manufacturer of energy-saving LED lighting, has maintained certification of the integrated quality management system ISO 9001 for the sixth consecutive year.


Snaggi lights and emergency lighting during power failures

~Snaggi LED lamps can be used for both primary and emergency lighting in case of a power failure…


The fastest growing electricity costs in the EU

The total price of electricity for industrial customers has grown the fastest in the Czech Republic for the past twelve years throughout the entire EU.


Showroom and training centre

In connection with great interest in LED technology in lighting, we have opened a showroom with a product portfolio in our branch in Nové Město na Moravě.


Snaggi sController new generation power supplies

We have melted our continuous development and long-term knowledge of operation into the innovation of Snaggi sController power supplies.


Regulation and control of Snaggi lighting

We have melted our continuous development and long-term knowledge of operation into the innovation of Snaggi sController power supplies.


sCustomlight in OTIS elevators

OTIS a.s. elevators use custom made, economic LED Snaggi lighting. Over the course of the last year, 2,200 elevators were fitted in with "sLight" light modules


Certification for Food Industries

LED lamps sTube have been certified for food industries. Institute For Testing And Certification, plc resolved, that The Product fully complies with all requirements of Clause of the BRC Techn


Website of the year 2011

In the competition "Era Entrepreneur of the year 2011" and "Vodafone Company of the year 2011", a new category for website of the year 2011 was announced. We managed to win this award.


Lighting of workbenches

~At almost every company we can find worksites with a high intensity illumination requirement, such as workbenches, assembly lines, hand assembly of products, output control, and so on. For this purpo


Price of electrical energy in 2013

Essentially no company can function without electrical energy. All companies are interested in the prices and expenses of electrical energy. It is currently not possible to find predictions on the int


Our gift to Motol hospital

At the start of series production of the sTube product range, Snaggi company has created an endowment fund from which it draws funds to help sick or otherwise disabled children...


sCluster with optics

After a long development process, we are now offering for sale the sCluster with optical lenses with a minimal loss of light output. This modification is designed for mounting heights from 6m.


UV radiation from economical fluorescent lamps – dangerous on the eyes

It's no secret that the greedy interests of corporations and states are behind the current privileged fluorescent lamp technology, meaning that cheaper and health-friendly LED lighting technology is p


Vodnanska drubez - record savings

For company "Vodnanska drubez", we designed a project to save energy, which uses a low operating temperature LED lamps. In combination with the maximum saving illumination itself we get the result val


How to choose the best economical LED fluorescent lamps?

Just a few years ago it seemed that replacing standard fluorescent lamps with LED fluorescent lamps would be a long journey. However, the subsequent, rapid development of LED technology exceeded expec


Company of the year 2010

The "Hospodářské noviny" newspaper awarded Snaggi third place in the Vodafone Southern Moravian Region Company of 2010 competition.


How much will the economic bulbs really save?

The “economic bulbs” do not eat as little energy as it says on the packaging. What it does say is the power input to the tube. But there is a converter in front of the tube, which again has its own (n


LED sTube or a traditional fluorescent lamp?

Snaggi, s. r. o. is mainly known as the supplier of electronic components, focused on LED technology. Currently, it is the first to bring its own, full-value LED replacement of the non-economic and he


The glow from “economic fluorescent lamps” damages your vision!

The degeneration of the yellow spot is usually connected with age. The yellow spot is a part of the retina in the back part of the eye, which is the area where vision is sharpest. By its degeneration


Economic fluorescent lamps to face prohibition in future

Although economic bulbs have come to the forefront, it seems that it may not be for long. It is unlikely that they will even come close to the 130 years that classic bulbs achieved…


French journalist Annie Lobé warns against the use of economic bulbs

Many countries have enacted, or plan to enact the prohibition of ordinary bulbs and order the use of the so-called economic bulbs /fluorescent lamps to save electrical energy. The documents on the Nex