About us

Satisfaction and trust are the main principles of our company.

The history of Snaggi begins in 1995 when we began to gather experience in the field of electronic components with emphasis on the LED, LCD and PCB.

Through our first-class service and quality products we have gained many customers in the automobile and electrical industries, as well as in the field of telecommunications technologies, illuminated signs (sign making) and architecture.

In the absence of high-quality, energy-saving lamps on the market, thanks to our long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers of automobile headlights and experience with the issues of LED lighting, we have been developing and manufacturing lighting for industrial use since 2005. Our products are suitable for almost every application. If this is not the case, then we are ready to offer the customer a custom solution

Satisfaction and the resulting confidence in our company are the main principles of our corporate policy. It is also for this reason that we participated in the process of implementing standard ISO 9001, of which we have been a holder since 2007.