The sCluster - a savings shark. Through its uncompromising efficient operation it punishes all other lamps firmly and harshly. The sCluster combines all the benefits and strengths of the sTube, and this is fully multiplied in the battle for most economical operation.

Without a flash, you will immediately turn the sCluster to an output that will astonish you. sCluster is destined to replace most obsolete lamps. Hundreds of hours were spent in developing the sCluster through testing and tuning into the absolute perfection.

There is currently no competitive product on the market. The sCluster has set its own level of perception of light output and economical operation. You will not find a better setting of these values ​​on our market.

The sCluster is simply perfect. Its use is not limited. It works with no problems in temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.

Don’t hesitate; every second that you aren’t lighting with sCluster, you’re losing money.


Czech product
developed and produced in Czech Republic

Simple installation
into the existing lighting fixture

Long lifespan
usually 193 000 hours

Extremely low consumption
up to 60% less than a standard bulb

Wide operation temperature range
(Ta) -30 to +55 °C

Return and multiplication of investment
during the warranty period

7 year warranty
for luminosity decrease

Control options
DALI, 1-10V, sDimmer

Angle of radiation 180°
optimal angle of radiation

0% efficiency increase. gentle, homogenous light

Saves eyesight
does not blink

Outdoor and indoor use

sTube is designed for industry 4.0 systems


We recommend the sCluster for all areas that require pure light and mainly economical operation. It is suitable for production halls. If you aren’t certain that the sCluster is suitable for your operations, call us. We will be happy to hear from you.

We are happy to help. All you need to do is call us.

At Snaggi we are ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us if you aren't sure about the properties of the sTube, or if you have any questions that haven't been answered. We will be happy to send a representative free of charge who will patiently offer you the best solution for your project. We will be happy to hear from you. Call us at 511 112 763 or 774 453 116. Show all contacts

sCluster in practice

with diffuse housing, recommended height 6m

with clear housing, recommended height 7m

with clear housing and lenses, recommended height more than 7m

Light spectrum

Snaggi sCluster

A discharge lamp

ISO 3664 / Certification of quality and accuracy of color reproduction for visual inspection of materials

Colour rendering index

Colour rendering index Ra is the fidelity evaluation of color perception, caused by light from any light source, compared to color perception created by the sun. The value of Ra can be from 0 to 100. Value Ra=0 means, that we can't distinguish colors in this lighting. On the other side value Ra=100 means, that we are using light source, which enables natural color reproduction.

Light output degradation and lifetime

Comparsion of Snaggi LED sCluster and a discharge lamp (Average L70 Extrapolation).

Test report LM-80 according to the methodology TM-21 / lifetime certification and degradation rate

sCluster advantages

  • low light degradation (max. 25% / 70 000 hours)
  • high colour rendering index (CRI 85)
  • immediate start on full power
  • unlimited number of on/off cycles
  • stable luminous flux is independent of surrounding temperature
  • higher contrast of backlit areas
  • impact resistance, shatter resistance
  • quiet operation
  • ESD protection (electrostatic discharge)
  • no ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • no light pollution(directional light)
  • no glass parts
  • no dangerous substances (mercury, lead, phosphorus)
  • developed and produced in Czech Republic
  • 3-year warranty, or extended 5-year warranty with additional fee
  • try the product free for 14 days
NamesCluster 4 sCluster 7
Replaces200W discharge lamp400W discharge lamp
Typical power consumption under 700-900mA
(can be regulated from 10 - 100 %)

96 - 124 W

155 - 217 W
Typical LED luminous flux (700 - 900 mA)
(at a temperature of 5000 K, CRI 85)

15360 - 19840 lm

24800 - 34720 lm
Typical light luminous flux (700 - 900 mA)
- clear
- diffusive
- optics

13670 - 17658 lm
12442 - 16070 lm
12749 - 16467 lm

22072 - 30901 lm
20088 - 28123 lm
20584 - 28818 lm
Total weight (without sController)8,4 kg
7,3 kg
11,2 kg
9,9 kg
Dimensions (length x width x height)550 x 302 x 80 mm550 x 498 x 80 mm
LED Chip BrandNichia (Japanese)
Colour Rendering IndexCRI 82 - 92 (by selection)
Degree of protecion provided by the coveringIP50, IP 65 (by selection)
Voltage range195‒240 VAC
Cos φ> 95> 94
Operating temperature (Ta)‒30 až +50 °C
Control optionsDALI  1-10V  
Warranty at Ta up to 55 ˚C
light - 5 years (including warranty at maximum luminosity decrease to 70% of the original value) L70B20

power source - 5 years
LED degradation (luminosity decrease to 70% of the original value)193 000 hours (calculated by the LM-80 (10 k), at Ta 55°C)
299 000 hours (calculated by the LM-80 (10 k), at Ta 25°C
Without ultraviolet and infrared radiation
Without dangerous substances
CE and ENEC certification
Alternate white light temperature2700 K, 4000 K, 5000 K, 5600 K

Download specification (PDF)

Examples of savings

Production hall

24 hours daily operation, 0.11 EUR/kWh, 141 pcs of sCluster 4/3W

originally 200 pieces of 200W sodium lamps
return on investment: 1,7 years

annual savings: 34.400 EUR


24 hours daily operation, 0.11 EUR/kWh, 14 pieces of sCluster 7/3W

originally 6 pieces of 1kW halogen lights
return on investment: 1.2 years

annual savings: 5.320 EUR