Advantages of LED lighting in a dental office

In early June of this year, we successfully completed six-months of LED lighting testing at the premises of dentistry general practitioner Dr. Zdeňka Bajerová in Nové Město na Moravě.

The perfect, shadow-less lighting of the oral cavity is the fundamental prerequisite for work comfort and the successful practice of a dentist. It is also sufficiently and equally necessary to provide additional lighting around the area of the working field in order to avoid early eyestrain due to changing light intensity. Naturalness and true colour tones are essential when determining the shades of fillings and prosthetic materials.

The main source of light used in the dentist office was the popular Cacan 450 EL lighting system in combination with the reflector dental unit. We replaced the originally-fitted fluorescent lamps with proven LED “sTube” and sController power supplies from our production.

LED lighting is brighter, and the details can be seen more sharply. This was mainly proven to me when it came to surgical procedures. At the end of the work day my eyes are less tired” says MUDr Zdeňka Bajerová, a dentoalveolar surgery specialist..

And in addition to better lighting, LED lights hold one more trump card. You only pay half the electrical energy costs!

  Original fluorescent lamps Snaggi sTube
Colour temperature 4 000 K 5 600 K (daylight)
Measured brightness 3 200 lux / 1,4 m 4 900 lux / 1,4 m
Colour rendering index Ra 85 Ra 85
Sharpness of detail details are vaguely defined. Subjectively better, details and contours
are more-sharply defined.
Speed of the rise of max. brightness several minutes immediate
electromagnetic and UV radiation ano ne
Power 6 x 58 W 6 x 30 W
Life and light degradation guaranteed 8,000 hours
with a light intensity decrease of 33%
medium 70,000 hours
with a light intensity decrease of 30%
Electrical energy savings - 48%