Complete replacement of street lighting in municipalities Třebenice, Plešice, Chroustov

We offered a complete replacement of old street lighting fixtures to municipalities Třebenice, Plešice and Chroustov. In the tender, we competed with competitive LED lamps from the Far East. After all technical comparisons were used the most efficient lamps on the market, LED SNAGGI lights, for the following reasons:

  • have the lowest purchase price on the market in the Czech republic
  • LED products are in operation already 18 years
  • are the most economical, have the lowest total cost for lighting
  • are directly from the Czech manufacturer, with quarantee for lifetime and light fading
  • acquisition of lamps without an initial investment, lamp cost is repaid from the gained savings on electricity

Due to use of light scattering optical lenses and adjustable lamp tilt we were able to evenly spread the produced light between the columns and direct it on the road - not on the lawn under the columns, as it was in the past.

The community acquired annual saving of 120 000 CZK by installing 100 pieces of LED lights sLamps, acquired more light, less light pollution, maintenance-free operation with manufacturer's warranty, and it is all without the initial investment.