ČSAD Hodonín - light replacement

Petrol station located in Veselí na Moravě has two stands, one for personal cars and one for trucks. Both parts with symmetrical roof in the shape of irregular heptagon with height of 4,5m.

Original ceiling discharge lights have been replaced by five fluorescent lights with 5x80W=400W power consumption.

SNAGGI designed five sTube lights with total 159W power consumption for personal car stand (4xsTube055/26W=106W and 1xsTube110/55W). After new light installation, customer made measurement of actual illumination level. Average illumination was increased more then twice after the change.

Measured values in the middle of the heptagon: 180lux for personal car stand and 36lux for truck stand.

Investor's main requirement was to increase light intensity, which would provids quality conditions for camera security system with minimal power consumption increase

This change with the new technology offers savings of more than 120% and efficiency has increased more than 100%.

This result was achieved by mutual cooperation between customer and SNAGGI, the lights were installed accordingly to investor's requirements with use of suitable light modification. Thanks to proven quality and investments return.

Motto: " You tell us WHAT, we will suggest HOW and YOU can decide if the solution is acceptable."
Yours sincerely, Snaggi team.

Legend to the figure above to date 25.2.2016:
- stands between S2 and S3 180lux (personal car)
- stands between S7 and S8 180lux (truck)
- photos were taken from points 1 to 7 with Nikon Coolpix L820
- 1 Overall view of the station, personal car stand on the left side
- 2 Entrance „truck“
- 3 Entrance „personal car“
- 4 Exit „truck“
- 5 Exit „personal car“
- 6 View from the shop entrance
- 7 View from the road