Industrial LED lighting of the engineering hall for Lichna Trade CZ

LICHNA TRADE CZ, s.r.o. focuses on metalworking, welding, turning, milling, cutting and burning of material via laser and plasma cutting, metal working of machine parts, repairs of rail vehicles, railway wagons and production of railway carriages for markets in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

During the first phase the company utilized the standard option to test the lights free of charge. Subsequently, the second phase saw the complete installation of sCluster Lamps in the production halls. The sTube lamps ended up being used in associated areas such as changing rooms, offices, corridors, etc.

The high standard lighting quality and half the total cost of lighting compared to conventional lamps and fluorescent lamps are the main reasons for choosing proven LED lighting in practice.

Burn time 261 days, 15-hour operation
of installed
lighting fixtures
78 pcs sTube 11056DF
62 pcs sTube 135DF
64 pcs sCluster 7/3W 05556O1