Kendrion - solutions for industrial and automotive applications

Kendrion develops advanced electromagnetic and mechatronic solutions for industrial and automotive applications. These are used by customers all over the world in systems such as lifts, door-locking systems, industrial robots, medical equipment, electrical switchbox systems, diesel and gasoline engines, air-conditioning installations, motor cooling systems and beverage dispensers.

Kendrion’s key customers include Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Evobus, Hyundai, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein, Volkswagen, Wabco, Yutong and ZF.

The Company due to high class quality of their products demanded increased level of lighting, better color rendering index. low light fading, and especially the reduction of operating costs of electricity. Due to high quality of SNAGGI products, we guarantee as the first manufacturer in Europe decrease luminance together with other parameters specified in the data sheets, which guarantees the company's return on investment.

By deploying our technology the company saves in one operation with 148 pcs of lamps 14 950 W per hour. Average savings per 1 hour is 46.61 CZK. In monetary terms, the company will reduce the annual electricity and maintenance costs by 280 300 CZK.

Lighting of measurement laboratories requires accurate color rendition, perfect dispersion and high levels of illumination. For this application we chose LED lamps sPanel.

Lighting of company premises by using LED lamps sLamp, lighting company logo by using lamp sTube135 with optics. For outdoor use with IP65, IP67.