Lighting in the NovaTech CZ s.r.o. laboratory

The laboratory of the European Novatech company, which manufactures high-precision plastic parts, uses LED lighting Snaggi. We have replaced the original, obsolete fluorescent bulbs with LED “sTube 1W” tubes. This led to significant energy savings and a truer colour rendering, which exceeded expectations.

The colour of samples is often evaluated in the laboratory. Under fluorescent lighting, colour perception was limited, and thus in disputable cases, workers were forced to go outside the lab and expose the samples to daylight. With Snaggi LED lighting, everything can now be reliably assessed on site. We consider the improved working environment through the use of LED lighting technology an obvious bonus.

Measuring Philips fluorescent tubes versus the Snaggi sTube
Place of measurement 1: Philips 550 lux, Snaggi 590 lux => increase 7%
Place of measurement 2: Philips 640 lux, Snaggi 690 lux => increase 8%
Place of measurement 3: Philips 560 lux, Snaggi 590 lux => increase 5%
Place of measurement 4: Philips 480 lux, Snaggi 530 lux => increase 10%

Parameters of the Application

Annual savings 612 EUR
Electricity savings 60%
Mounting height 3 m
Lighting time year round 24/7
Required illumination level 500 lux
Colour rendering index CRI 85
Ambient temperature 22°C
Number LED tubes 26 pcs sTube 1W 59cm
Price per kWh 0.09 EUR including distribution fees
Price of the technology 1 592 EUR
Typical lifespan 8 years of continuous lighting
Warranty 10 years