Lighting of ABB workbenches

Among other things, ABB is involved in the installation of electronic equipment. For the lighting of assembly lines, we supplied LED lights with optical members, high performance and individually designed switches. Employees now have a higher level of illumination, higher-contrast light and undistorted colours.

Good lighting is essential for achieving comfort at work. Recent research in the Netherlands showed that for those who want to be alert and efficient in their work, avoid errors and remain active for a long time, it is much better to have higher levels of illumination than those set out by standard ČSN EN 12464-1, and natural colour rendering without distortion.

Parameters of the Application

Annual savings 2 760 EUR
Electricity savings 55%
Lit spaces workbenches
Number of installed lighting fixtures 54 pcs sTube3W 110 cm with optics
(rounded lens 60°, clear cover, custom-designed switch)
Mounting height 1.4 m
Required illumination level 300 lux
Color temperature 5600 K
Colour rendering index CRI 85
Lighting time year-round, five days a week, 16-hour operation
Price per kWh 0.14 EUR including distribution fees
Acquisition price 10 800 EUR
Typical lifespan 8 years of continuous lighting
Warranty 10 years warranty