Lighting of Medicom International warehouse

Medicom International, s.r.o. is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies on the Czech market. In addition to its main focus on support of sales of pharmaceutical products, since 1994 the company also has its own certified pharmaceutical production, which was subsequently expanded by modern storage facilities.

It was the high cost of lighting in the warehouses that forced the owner to replace the original, already obsolete discharge tubes with Snaggi sCluster LED lights, which are a great substitute for gas discharge lighting.

Parameters of the Application

Annual savings 5 228 EUR
Electricity savings 60%
Lit spaces warehouses
Number of installed lighting fixtures 25 pcs 179W sCluster 07/3W with clear cover
Originally installed 25 pcs 400W discharge tubes (445W with ballast)
Mounting height 7 m
Required illumination level 300 lux
Colour rendering index CRI 85
Lighting time year-round, five days a week, 16-hour operation
Price per kWh 0.11 EUR including distribution fees
Acquisition price 14 640 EUR
Typical lifespan 8 years of continuous lighting
Warranty 10 years