POCLAIN HYDRAULICS S.R.O. - LED lights for office and storage areas

Poclain Hydraulics, Ltd. is an international company belonging to a French group called Poclain Hydraulics, S.A. acting on international markets, focusing on production of high-performance hydro-static drives based on the technology of the radial low-speed motors.

For the newly builded offices were designed ceiling lights sPanel2/5W with regulation, providing illumination intensity 500lx in combination with quality soft light and high colour rendering index (Ra85).

The lights in the storage rooms were replaced as well. For the warehouse of dimensions 34x16m and lights height is 7,5m SNAGGI designed total 36pcs of sTube-13550O1 with illumination intensity 250lx. Total power input is only 1980W. Electricity savings are more than 70% compared to the original inconvenient old lights.