PRANTL Meat industry

Czech company called Prantl Masný průmysl s.r.o. was founded in 1992 by Mr. Jan Prantl and follows the 120-year tradition of sausages and meat production in the city of Žirovnice. Their quality products are well known not only by the Czech market and food distributors. They are well known in the neighboring countries as well.

Company operations are going through the gradual modernization and must comply high hygienic standards of production processes. And that is why our company has been approached.

SNAGGI LED lights meets all the requirements: intensity, degradation in time, design and provides customer satisfaction.

Before the actual realization, we have to make long time testing to confirm quality of our LED lights. Now our customer uses more then 100pcs of sTubes-13550DF providing maintenance-free operation and immediat energy load reduction.

We are focusing on every single project and customer with maximum importance. Don't hesitate and try our lights as well.