Primary school Dolní Újezd - modern and efficient LED lights

The Elementary school Dolní Újezd is a fully organized school, offering education from 1st to 9th grade. About 17 classes provides school environment for more than 300 students from surrounding villages and municipalities: Dolní Újezd, Horní Újezd, Jiříkov, Václavky, Desná, Poříčí, Zrnětín, Mladočov, Budislav, Osík. This makes this elementary school one of the biggest within the region.

The whole school areal is located in the village center, school forms a fairy complex of buildings – it is a pavilion type of school. The areal is made of 5 buildings: historical building 1st grade, pavilion 2nd grade, gym, school canteen and the kitchen, hallway and a PC room.

Old fluorescent lights were replaced by the modern economic LED lights.  Total power savings reaches up to 79% with lower cost on maintenance as well.