Reference sTube

Lighting of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o.


In cooperation with Uni Solution s.r.o., we have installed sTube lamps in the inspection lines at the Hyundai group…

Lighting of ABB workbenches


Contrasting light with true colour rendering for assembly of fine electronics…

Lighting of Medicom International warehouse


The high cost of lighting in warehouses forced the owner to replace the original, already obsolete discharge tubes with Snaggi sCluster LED lights…

Lighting of the Hyundai car showroom in Blansko


Efforts to improve the lighting of the shop and save on electrical energy led to the replacement of the original lighting…

Lighting of Production and Office Spaces at IVE


LED Lighting in family company Jiří Veselý ‒ IVE…

Lighting in the Vodňanské Kuře Freezing Plant


Lighting of freezers with temperatures as low as -40 C is the ideal application for high-quality LED technology. Not only does it save on electricity for lighting and complicated maintenance, but also