sTube ‒ a fluorescent lamp from the Czech Republic

Snaggi, s.r.o. is mostly known in the field of suppliers of electronic components focused on LED technology; the company is now active on the Czech, Slovak and Slovenian markets. However, the role of what was a purely business company changed not long after its establishment (2005), when in cooperation with Czech engineers it launched the development of its own products destined for lighting advertising, primarily LED lighting for interiors and outdoor environments.

The idea to offer a full-value product for the standard T8 fluorescent tube using power diodes seemed unrealistic to most experts and clients, and we are receiving similar feedback even now. But after nine months of development and reports from testing, we can confidently state that a product is on the market, which, through its parameters can hold up even in terms of standards ISO 12464 - Lighting of Work Space. The design with white colour temperature of 5600 K and CRI 80 colour rendering index value also meets the standard for work area illumination with a hanging height of 3-4 m, and there is also a solution available for lighting from a height of 8-9 m, which is utilized by a higher number of LEDs and is supplemented by a special optical part and clear outer plastic cover (called the "Power sTube").

The sTube excels mostly in the electronic control of diodes, which ensures minimal light degradation and extends the life of the entire body (the average life of LEDs is 70,000 hours). Current control, which is in external form (appears as an electrical ballast) was developed by a domestic manufacturer and achieves an efficiency of 96%. In order to replace the existing light sources, it is therefore necessary to adjust the wiring in the lighting fixture itself, which includes the disconnecting of the starter with choke coil, or disconnecting of the electrical ballast. This method is of course the more complicated way, but after considering all of the technical difficulties, the best solution was to keep the control outside of the fluorescent lamp. The body of the fluorescent lamp is made up of a massive aluminium profile that provides sufficient heat dissipation. The matter of cooling is always the main problem of any product using LED technology. We calculated with ambient temperatures of up to 60°C so that the loss of brightness was as minimal as possible, and the LEDs would stay lit "forever". The sTube will be going into manufacturing plants, factories and other buildings.

Given the ever-rising electricity prices, we are offering the sTube to all areas that need to reduce costs with maximum uptime. The greatest savings can be achieved in plants with 12 or more hour operation to ensure the shortest return. Currently, the use of sTube technology is the best choice for the valuation of finances with a dramatic reduction in operating costs.

We offer to all customers a non-binding price comparison including a calculator where everything is shown transparently (total consumption, the price of energy, lighting time, return on investment).

In late 2009, we implemented a contract for a hospital in Nové Město na Moravě (20 pieces of “sTube 59 cm”). From the attached images we can see a noticeable difference in intensity and colour, giving the corridor a brand new character.

New installation
– 4 pieces “sTube 59 cm” (nominal power consumption value and real consumption of 12 W/piece). At full light output, the total power consumption is now 48 W, including the LED driver, and the light intensity increased by 50%.

Original installation
– ceiling lamp with 4 pieces of fluorescent tubes (nominal power consumption value of 18 W and real consumption with ballasts of 27-30 W/piece). At full light output, the total power consumption was 108 W.