sTube-mini, new SNAGGI LED light

sTube-mini, the smaller version of our most succesful sTube light has been used not only in the indusrial sphere, but also in the privite and family houses.

The evening meetings at the terraces, cafes, restaurants and other similar object can benefit from high quality lighting during spring, summer and autumn season. Another advantage is low operating costs, that can fit any budget. There will always be pleasant atmosphere, thanks to the natural light wth hight color rendering index. All of this with respect to the environment and our health.

To highlight the house or building, the surrounding area needs perfect lighting. For example swimming pools, fireplaces, gazebos and pergolas. Light must be natural and safe for the environment.

Stube-mini was real challenge for us, but we manage to design another high guality LED light. Do not hesitate and try sTube-mini as well, it will be pleasant surprise for you.