The Elementary school Aš - lighting of gyms, corridors, offices

The company SNAGGI was invited to draft a suitable economic lighting for the gym, hallways and offices in the elementary school. The lights must be impact resistant with minimal color distortion and stable operation.

For the gym dimensions 20x11.5 meter we have used 20 pieces of high luminous LED lights type sTube135 with optics. With this option we have offered 60% savings s 40% increase in light intensity compared to the original lighting. Another advantage is minimal color distortion in the shade of white 5000K with immediate start to full power.

Return of investment 131 660 CZK are only 2 years. Basic 3 year warranty ensures full recovery of investment.

Power consumption for all the gym is by using LED with effeciency 125lm/W 1280W only! The lights are placed at a height of 6.5 meters. The angle of the lights are due to angular brackets set at the desired 45 degrees. In the middle of the gym in the zero level (on the floor) it is 500 lux !

The lights are divided into 4 ligthing sections. By this manual selection can be controlled light output in steps 25, 50, 75, 100%. According to the activity the intensity can be adjusted and so achieve further significant savings in electricity.

Corridor lighting using lights sCircle 2700 Kelvin

Offices lighting using lights sTube with a diffuser.